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National Orchestral Institute

2022 National Orchestral Institute

DesMuse was welcomed to the 2022 National Orchestral Institute to run a series of workshops that paired festival chamber groups with theatrical designers. In the months leading up to the start of the festival, DesMuse met regularly with a pre-formed NOI “Centerpiece” string quartet and a local lighting designer (Luis Garcia) to begin familiarizing designers with the language of music, and the musicians with the language of design. Once festival workshops began, the centerpiece quartet served as ambassadors for the DesMuse process to the new chamber groups.


The first workshop session focused on the fundamentals of theatrical design, and ended by asking the crucial question “what story do you want your performance to tell?” After some answers had time to marinate, the second session served as a dedicated laboratory environment, where chamber groups and designers experimented with all the different ways lighting, sound, and projections can accompany their piece of music. The third session was a technical rehearsal, which focused on finalizing blocking, stage picture, and timing. These workshops culminated in an NOI-sponsored concert that presented the collaborations to NOI and Maryland audiences.


Feedback from participants and audience members alike has been incredibly positive

TSAI City Accellerator

DesMuse was selected to participate in TSAI City's Accelerator program, which is "designed for projects and ventures with demonstrated traction and offers grant funding, mentorship, and a series of live workshops." 

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