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Performance Lab, Workshops, Consultations

Conservatory music and theatrical design programs exist as separate silos in academic institutions.

We believe a space is missing for the intersection, collaboration, and network of these audiovisual performance practices.

That's where DesMuse comes in.

DesMuse is a space for artistic dialogue between chamber music and theatrical design, with an emphasis on co-learning and networking through performance. This space empowers musicians and designers to share in community through the creation of original works that center thoughtful collaboration, design, and technology.

• We offer workshops for educational institutions

• We work alongside existing performance venues (university, performing arts, and community spaces) to bring innovative programming

• We provide consultations & mentorship for musicians and theatrical designers who want to create multimedia performance work

• We facilitate a festival for musicians and theatrical designers and are always looking for new presenters to team up with

What kind of collaborator are we looking for?

Venues, presenters, academic & public institutions, musicians, theatrical designers.

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